Little Wing Learns to Fly


As I have two kids and I’m constantly expanding their library, every Friday will feature a children’s book that we recently purchased, received, or an old favorite.

We received Little Wing Learns to Fly by Calista Brill and illustrated by Jennifer A. Bell in our September Lillypost box. This was one of four books we received in the picture book box that is great for ages three and older. What I love about Lillypost, besides getting some amazing books for my children each month, is that for every box that is purchased, a book is donated to a charity focused on advancing children’s literacy.

Little Wing Learns to Fly was an adorable story about a dragon who is still trying to figure out how to fly. For the first third of the book, Little Wing is trying and trying, but refuses to give up when he doesn’t get it. I love that this book teaches children that even if they fail, they should try again.

This book also has a second message or lesson to be learned. After Little Wing finally learns to fly, his mother tries to tell him the rules of flying, but soon the wind scoops him up and takes him far away and he can’t hear his mother’s rules. I loved that not only did this book have the lesson about never giving up, but also to listen to your parents.

This was a super cute story that also had some amazing lessons tucked into it. It was definitely my daughter’s favorite book out of the September Lillypost box and it’s one I don’t mind reading over and over again.

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