Fire Safety Week at the Library

When we decided to skip preschool for our oldest when she turned three last year, I started to wonder what we could do to let her have socialization with other kids that were her age or close to. She has a little brother, but even I know she needs more socialization than just him. We’re fortunate enough to live close to our public library and to have one that has such an amazing children’s department. There are even specific story times for kids under five on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but even on days where there aren’t programs scheduled, there’s toys and computers that even preschool age children can use.

Since this week is Fire Safety week, the theme of the story times was about firefighters and fire safety. Tuesdays program was even scheduled at our local fire department. I’m continuously amazed by how amazing the community I live in is to the children. I already knew how amazing our library was from continuously going there, but this was my first time to our fire department even though other events with the library have been scheduled there.

Of course, since this was one of the story time programs, a book was read to all the kids. A nonfiction book about fires and what to do in a fire was read first and honestly, I think it lost most of the kids. My daughter seemed a little bored by it as well as other kids which I think is understandable for the age range. The second book that was read, I’m Brave by Kate and Jim McMullan, was such a cute story. This one definitely captivated every child more than the first one did.

After the two books, the firefighters what they do if they get the call that there’s a fire, their equipment, and their trucks. We learned that they have different colored helmets depending on their rank as a firefighter, which is something that even I wasn’t aware of.


My daughter’s favorite part of the day is when the firefighters let the kids “put out a fire” with one of the hoses. It was so cute to see the kids pull back the lever and maneuver the hose to put out the fake fire.


If you’re a parent, does your library have programs for kids that allow them to have these types of experiences? I’d love to hear about them if so.

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