Mother Goose’s Pajama Party


This week’s children’s book is another book that we received in our September Lillypost box. Mother Goose’s Pajama Party by Danna Smith and illustrated by Virginia Allyn was such a fun read. It didn’t have any amazing life lessons, but both of my children have enjoyed this book a lot.

The story opens with Mother Goose inviting the characters from the nursery rhymes to story time at her home one evening. As the story goes along it’s each of the characters telling other characters to go to Mother’s Goose’s home and eventually they arrive there and have a pajama party.

I love that at the end of the main portion of the story there are several pages of the nursery rhymes that were mentioned in the book. My daughter loves pointing throughout the story and asking who each character is and since the story lines up perfectly with the illustrations, it’s very easy to let who know who is who.

This is a book that has definitely been added into our rotation of bedtime books and has also allowed my kids to experience the classic nursery rhymes.

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