I was graciously given and ARC of Alienation by S.E. Anderson in exchange for a review.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Alienation was so much better than Starstruck. The story picked up right from the epilogue and there was action from the start. I was hooked the moment I started reading and literally couldn’t put it down. I’m so glad that the frequent time skips that were in Starstruck are not in this book. I didn’t feel like I was missing a lot of information in this book like I did in Starstruck.  The pacing was also much better in Alienation than it was in Starstruck. While reading Starstruck, I often felt like I had to force myself to read it and I hate when that happens. I took a long time for me to get hooked on Starstruck (nineteen chapters to be exact), but with Alienation, I was captivated from the moment that story began.

Without giving too much away from this story since it’s not out yet, this story picks up right from the epilogue of Starstruck and brings us back to the story of Sally Webber, Zander, and Blayde. What starts off as fun and relaxing trip to a far off planet for Sally, quickly turns into anything but fun or relaxing.

The ending was kind of abrupt and left a lot of loose ends. I’m not sure if there will be a third book in the series or not, but if there won’t be, the ending left a lot to be desired. Overall, I enjoyed Alienation a lot more than Starstruck and I’m so glad I pushed through the first book so I could experience this one.


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