Summer Lovin’ Book Camp

I’m so excited for the TBR and Beyond game for July and August! It’s a book themed board game with themes, genres, and tropes common in books!

Here’s the basics of the game:

Roll a dice (1-6 dice) and move your pawn as rolled. This works the same as any other board game – when you land on your space then complete that challenge and roll the dice again to move on. You have two months for this challenge so you have more than enough time to get through some, if not all of it.

TBR and Beyond has created a board game, a sheet to keep track of your books on, and a die and pawn to use as well. The tracker sheet and die and pawn can be found in the event, but here’s the amazing board game!



There will be a prize given away at the end of the event. Ways to earn points for the giveaway are as follows:

Participating – 2 points
Completing three challenges – 5 points
Completing five challenge – 10 points
Finishing the game – 15 points

There will also be other ways to earn points announced at random!

The prize for the Summer Lovin’ Book Camp is one of these hardcover books! All are amazing choices!


To join the game, join the Facebook group: TBR and Beyond and then look for the Summer Lovin’ Book Camp event.

Hope to see you there!

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