What I’m Reading Wednesday

It’s Wednesday! I’ve decided to start checking in on Wednesdays on what I’m currently reading and my current thoughts on the books.

This week has been a little insane for me. I helped out at a car event on Sunday and ended up with a horrible sunburn so I’m mostly still reading the books I was last week or that I started on Sunday.

hamilton and peggy
The first book I’m currently reading is Hamilton and Peggy!: A Revolutionary Friendship by L.M. Elliott. I started this book on July 6th and read a hundred pages that day and then another hundred on the 7th. I ended up starting an e-book for the day of the event so I wouldn’t have to take a physical book with me and then ended up not finishing it yet because of my sunburn. I’m really enjoying it so far even though there hasn’t been a lot of Hamilton yet and mostly just Peggy. I’ve got about 250 pages left in it so I’m hoping I finish it tonight or tomorrow.girl at the grave
On Sunday, I started Girl at the Grave by Teri Bailey Black. I read about 36 pages of it on Sunday and then ended up doing other things than I thought I would be doing at the event I was at. I probably need to start the book over because I don’t remember what little I read. I’m excited for this one because I’m slowly getting into more mystery and thriller books and this one seems really interesting.

by your side
I also started By Your Side by Kasie West today. This is a reread for me, but I’m hoping I liked it more than the last time I read it. I’m only a couple chapters into it at the moment so only time will tell,
What are you currently reading?

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