Ravenclaw Review! Heist Society

I recently read Heist Society by Ally Carter, and (spoiler alert!) I loved it! My sister has been begging me to read this trilogy for years, and I kept putting it off, but I finally read it just a few weeks ago.

Heist Society follows the story of a girl named Kat as she navigates her family’s world of con artistry and thievery. Her father has been framed for a crime he didn’t commit, and his only alibi is that he was committing a different crime at the same time. It’s up to Kat and her ragtag group of friends to pull the biggest job her generation has ever seen in an attempt to get her dad off the hook.

Kat is such a feisty character – I immediately fell in love with her. The book starts off with her at boarding school. She has quit the family business and wants to have the best education that money can buy. All of that changes when W.W. Hale the Fifth comes back into her life and gets her kicked out of her prestigious academy. Throughout the book, Kat faces problems within her family because she wanted to leave the life they had set before her. You see Kat wrestling with her own destiny and choosing who she wants to be. She doesn’t choose anything because it’s the easy, or obvious choice. Everything she does, she does because that’s what is right for her, and I find that really admirable.

This book made me question everything that happened. Ally Carter gives you just enough information that you know something is happening, but you never get the full plan until it’s enacted. It makes the characters seem super-human as they pull of feats that you’re sure would never work in real life…or would they?

Heist Society is a teenage version of Oceans 11, complete with high hopes, high stakes, and high profile marks. This book is easily a 9/10!

So what do you think? Will you pick up Heist Society on your next trip to the bookstore?


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