A Touch of Gold – Slytherin Review

36575823Title: A Touch of Gold
Author: Annie Sullivan
Publication Date: August 14, 2018
Pages: 313
Genre: Fantasy, Retelling
Rating: 5/5

Synopsis: King Midas once had the ability to turn all he touched into gold. But after his gift—or curse—almost killed his daughter, Midas relinquished The Touch forever. Ten years later, Princess Kora still bears the consequences of her father’s wish: her skin shines golden, rumors follow her everywhere she goes, and she harbors secret powers that are getting harder to hide.

Kora spends her days locked in the palace, concealed behind gloves and veils, trying to ignore the stares and gossip of courtiers. It isn’t until a charming young duke arrives that Kora realizes there may be someone out there who doesn’t fear her or her curse. But their courtship is disrupted when a thief steals precious items from the kingdom, leaving the treasury depleted and King Midas vulnerable. Thanks to her unique ability to sense gold, Kora is the only one who can track the thief down. As she sails off on her quest, Kora learns that not everything is what it seems—not thieves, not pirates, and not even curses. She quickly discovers that gold—and the power it brings—is more dangerous than she’d ever believed.

Midas learned his lesson at a price. What will Kora’s journey cost?

I was actually really shocked with how much I loved this story the entire way through. I figured I would like it, but definitely not as much as I ended up liking it.

I feel like this is one of those stories where it’s best to go into it without knowing too much of the story. I tend to do that with most stories, but with this one I really feel like it helps. I don’t know much about the King Midas story apart from that he turned things to gold, so I’m not sure how closely A Touch of Gold follows the original story. I don’t think this affected how much I enjoyed the story though. I feel like Annie Sullivan did an amazing job giving a back story and explaining things as the story went on.

This is definitely Kora’s story and not one about King Midas. Her father turned her to gold when she was younger and he was able to turn her back, but didn’t do everything he needed to do, so in turn her skin stayed gold but she was no longer a statue. The rest of her childhood was spent in hiding. From being hidden away, Kora is definitely sheltered and I feel like it shows during portions of the story.

Kora does have some abilities that get explained so well during the course of the story. She can turn things to gold, but not in the same way that King Midas could. Kora can also sense the gold that is enchanted to her father, which is an aspect of the story that really intrigued me.

“The aura of the cursed objects overwhelm me-either we’re getting closer, or I’m getting better. I can just make out the room the gold is in from the light it gives off.”

I knew going into it that there would be pirates, but it still shocked me how much of the story dealt with pirates. I absolutely loved it. I haven’t been one to gravitate towards pirate books in the past, but I might need to rethink that!

I definitely think Kora is going to have some major trust issues moving forward! Plot points that happen throughout the story definitely don’t leave a lot of ongoing trust moving forward.

The characters of A Touch of Gold are some of my new favorites. I’m so glad that a sequel is happening and we get more from them. Kora starts off rather meek and grows so much throughout the story. It’s a natural growth as well. It didn’t feel forced or like the character grew too much in the span of the story. Duke Aris Wystlinos is Kora’s newest suitor and for a span of the story I was on the fence if I trusted him or not. Eventually, I really didn’t trust him. He just ended up seeming too understanding. Hettie seems like the typical spoiled rich girl, but I find her to become more down to earth as the story goes on. The last character I’m going to mention is Royce. Royce is the character that I was definitely wary of from the moment he was introduced. He comes off very standoffish and it made me not like him. I’m very happy with how his portion of the story played out though!

“Then his lips are on mine. They taste like the sea breeze, salty and light. It’s a kiss that says everything he couldn’t.”

A Touch of Gold starts off seeming like it’s going to be a typical romance story in a fantasy book. While it does have aspects of a romance, I feel like it was more so a vehicle to drive aspects along. Coming from someone who loves a good romance story, I actually enjoyed that the romance wasn’t the main plot of the story. Kora definitely learns how to rely on herself and not others.

Overall, I absolutely loved A Touch of Gold. It had all the aspects that I wanted and even ones that I didn’t know I wanted. It was such a quick read and I loved that so much. I found myself never wanting to put it down and that’s always something I love to see. I definitely can’t wait to read more from Annie Sullivan in the future!

If you have read the book or have the chance to before November 23, 2018, join us in TBR and Beyond for a discussion about A Touch of Gold. Annie Sullivan also joined us earlier this month for a live chat. It’s still available to watch in the group! The live chat was spoiler free so even if you haven’t read the book, I recommend watching it because Annie Sullivan is so amazing and I loved all her answers she gave.

What do you think about retellings? Are there ones you wish you saw more of or ones you wish you saw less of?

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