Slytherclaw’s Current Reads

It’s that time of the week for what we’re currently reading! Wednesdays will be our new permanent day of the week to update on the books we’re reading.

Felicia’s Reading

34433755Girls of Paper and Fire

Girls of Paper and Fire is one of the book choices for November in TBR and Beyond. I knew I would be picking this up this month to read along with the group, but was also waiting for one of the subscription boxes for the month because I assumed it was coming in one. I started it the day after I received it and I have no regrets about that.

Starting out, I will say that if violence or sexual assault are triggers for you, this might be a book to skip.

Girls of Paper and Fire tells the story of Lei and how she is stolen away from her village to be one of the concubines for the demon king. Once at the palace, she is thrown into the world of learning the ways of the court and the skills needed to be the king’s consort. Lei isn’t content with watching her fate consume her and does the unthinkable. She falls in love.

I’m currently about halfway through the story and I’m loving it so much. The king makes my skin crawl so much and I’m only assuming what’s about the happen based on the end of the chapter I last read. Natasha Ngan’s writing is amazing and I look forward to continuing with it to see what happens.

18335634Clockwork Princess

I’m so behind in the Shadowhunter read along I was doing this year, but I’m finally reading Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare. I kind of know what to expect from the ending of this book, but not entirely. I have already read City of Heavenly Fire before, which I found out after the fact, I should have read Clockwork Princess before doing so. I’m curious on what all happens since I know the ending of City of Heavenly Fire. I just started this one, so no thoughts on what is happening, but I’m assuming I’m going to enjoy since I’ve liked all of Cassandra Clare’s books.

30738170Long Way Home

After reading to the halfway point in Girls of Paper and Fire and knowing kind of what to expect in Clockwork Princess, I figured I needed a contemporary. Long Way Home by Katie McGarry is the one I picked. This is the third in the Thunder Road series. Each book follows a different couple, but ties into things that happened in the previous books. I flew through Nowhere But Here and Walk the Edge and expect to do the same with Long Way Home. Since I just started the book as well, I don’t have any opinions on it, but I expect to love it since I’ve loved that other books I’ve read by the author.

Stephanie’s Reading

Image result for a touch of gold bookA Touch of Gold

I have picked this book up in the bookstore so many times, and just never pulled the trigger on it. I’ve been wanting to read this book since before it came out, because I’ve seen so many posts about it in the Facebook group, TBR and Beyond. I finally decided to take the plunge on this one and I’m reading it as a buddy read right now with several people in Reading Rivalry. I 100% do not regret that decision because this book is absolutely fantastic!!

A Touch of Gold is a fairy tale retelling (I just love those) about King Midas’ daughter that he accidentally turned to gold. Now she’s no longer gold, but she’s still cursed – and it’s up to her to go on a daring quest to save her father. Throw in some dashing pirates, and this fantasy book is bound to sweep you away!

Image result for ready player oneReady Player One

Ready Player One has been a book on my TBR for a very long time. I’ve started it several times, and never got past the first chapter, just because of more tempting new releases. But not this time! I’m several chapters in to this amazing world of 80s video games and I am so glad I’ve continued with this read! I loved Warcross and Wildcard, and I’m really wishing that I had read this book before those, because it almost feels like it was the father of that series. I’ve already seen the film for this, so I know generally how it turns out, but there’s already enough different between the book and film, that I know I won’t be bored by the familiar story line.

Ready Player One takes place in Oklahoma city. The main character, Wade Watts, is a high school student. He is also what is known as a “gunter.” Gunter is short for “egg hunter” as in easter eggs. The creater of a virtual world known as the OASIS has died, and in his will he states that he has hidden an Easter egg somewhere within the OASIS – who ever finds that Easter egg becomes his sole heir to his vast fortune and media empire. Wade is looking for that Easter egg, but can he find it before a rival game company does? Can he save the OASIS from becoming a privatized, for-profit system? Read it with me, and we can find out together!

Image result for kingdom of ashKingdom of Ash

All right – I’m sure you all are sick of hearing about Kingdom of Ash, but I’m so close to finishing it! I’m only about 100 pages from the end of this book, and I’m really not sure how I feel about that. This series has been with me for a year and a half now and I’m not looking forward to having it end. I’m also not sure if I’m ready for this ending! Sarah J Maas has a way of simultaneously ripping my heart out and mending it again, but so far my heart has been ripped out three times in this book and I’m not looking forward to another tear-inducing moment!

Image result for scorpio racesThe Scorpio Races

This book has been really slow for me. I’ve been really busy this last week and haven’t had the time to read as much as I would have liked, so unfortunately this one is ending up on my current reads yet again. I’m not a huge Maggie Stiefvater fan, but I’m still willing to continue with this one, because I really like the characters she’s laid out so far. However, I’m in a bit of a lull with this book, so I’m hoping I can power through it over Thanksgiving break and really get to the meat of this storyline!

Scorpio Races is about Puck and Sean – two different characters both living on the same small island. Sean is a horse trainer, but he doesn’t work with normal horses, he works with water horses – brutal beasts that live in the sea. Every year there is an event called the Scorpio Races where riders will race on these brutal water horses, and the winner gets riches like you couldn’t imagine! The winnings are enough to tempt Puck – a girl whose parents were killed by the water horses – to race. Will it be enough to save her family from financial ruin? Will she even survive the brutal competition? Only time will tell!

What are you currently reading?
Felicia and Stephanie

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