Slytherin Reading Challenges for 2019

With 2019 getting closer and closer, I’ve been thinking more and more with the challenges I want to partake in and the challenges I want to set for myself during 2019. During 2019, I know I’ll be participating in TBR and Beyond events as well as the monthly games with Reading Rivalry. Besides those, I’ve decided to challenge myself in other ways in 2019.

The first challenge I’m giving myself is to read the 36 books on my physical TBR that have the lowest average rating. A full post about that challenge to myself will be posted later this week, but I’m really interested to see if these books live up to their low average rating or if they’re new favorites for me.

Next, I really want to work on rereading some series I fell in love with in 2018 as well as finishing up those series that I started but didn’t get around to finishing. Rereading books is fun for me since I love returning to those stories and worlds I fell in love with as well as the characters I love so much.

Another challenge I’ve given myself is reading across the United States. My hope for this is to read a book set in each of the 50 states during 2019. I’ve noticed I read a lot of books set in the same few states and really hope to expand to the rest of the country during the year.

The next challenge I’m placing on myself is one I’ve actually gotten several of my friends involved in. While watching a video that OwlCrate put up about them picking TBRs for each other, it gave me the idea to ask the friends that I mod with in TBR and Beyond and my co-blogger, Stephanie, to pick up to five books for me to read each month. Each of them has been given a month and they’ll get to pick a few books for me to read. My hope with this is to branch out of my comfort zone with the books I typically read. I’m definitely nervous to see what they pick for me, but also excited at the prospect of finding some new favorites.

TBR and Beyond is also hosting a 2019 Reading Challenge next year! I got to help come up with the prompts along and I’m so excited for it. I think the ideas that were given and what was overall chosen created a great variety of things to read. There will be a separate post about this challenge coming soon as well.

The last challenge I’m giving myself is the Monthly Motif Reading Challenge hosted by girlxoxo. This is a monthly challenge to read one book that fits the theme for each month. I thought this was an interesting challenge and one that would fit into some of the other challenges I’m participating in.

Are there any challenges you plan to participate in or reading goals you have for 2019?



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