Reading the Lowest Rated Books on my Physical TBR

When it comes to Goodreads, I tend to overlook the average rating and reviews for the most part. Unless I’m really on the fence about a book and I want to get an idea on if I would like it or not, I don’t look at the book on there until I’m adding it as currently reading. What if the average rating is one of the first things you looked at and what determined if you would buy the book or even read it?

During 2019, that’s exactly what I plan to do. I was inspired from some videos Kayla from booksandlala has done and wanted to give reading the lowest rated books I own a try. I’ve gone through my physical collection of books and have created a list of every single book I own that I haven’t read. Next, I went through Goodreads and found out the average rating for every single book on that list. The results honestly shocked me. Since it’s not something I look at before purchasing books, I wasn’t aware how well loved or unloved some of the books on my shelves really were.

I’ve decided to try to get to the thirty-six books that are the lowest rated books on my shelves during 2019. The average ratings for these thirty-six books range from 3.82 all the way down to 3.12. The list below goes from the highest rated of the thirty-six to the lowest rated.

  1. Catching Stars
  2. The Beginning of After
  3. The Boy Most Likely To
  4. Grace and the Fever
  5. An Assassin’s Guide to Love and Treason
  6. Last Year’s Mistake
  7. Fallen
  8. Of Fire and Stars
  9. Where I Belong
  10. Even in Paradise
  11. What I Thought Was True
  12. I Believe in a Thing Called Love
  13. The Geography of You and Me
  14. A Million Times Goodnight
  15. Reign of Shadows
  16. The Season
  17. Changes in Latitude
  18. Sasquatch, Love and Other Imaginary Things
  19. Off the Ice
  20. The Night We Said Yes
  21. A Totally Awkward Love Story
  22. Royally Lost
  23. #famous
  24. Seven Days of You
  25. Just Friends
  26. City Love
  27. The Last Forever
  28. Hello, I Love You
  29. Spindle Fire
  30. Now and Forever
  31. Diplomatic Immunity
  32. Summer in the Invisible City
  33. How to Meet Boys
  34. Royce Rolls
  35. Love and Other Theories
  36. Zenith

Typically, I find anything having an average rating of 3.7 or higher is great, but for the sake of having an even number of books, I did extend up to 3.79 to give myself that even number. My overall goal is to read three of these low rated books each month and do a follow up whenever I’ve read three of the books from the list.

All of these books have been sorted into their own shelf on my Goodreads account. That shelf can be found here.

Do you typically look into reviews and average ratings before buying or reading a book? What are your thoughts on any of the books on this list? Is there one I should go for first?

Wish me luck on this adventure through the lowest rated books I own!

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