TBR and Beyond Yearly Reading Challenge – Slytherin

I’m so excited to write about this challenge for 2019! As a moderator for TBR and Beyond, I get to help work on some amazing things for the group. One of them was getting to help with the year long reading challenge for 2019 for the group! This was so much fun to work on and I think it’s going to be an absolute blast to work on completing throughout 2019.


Some of the challenges involve things with recommendations that we’ve given in TBR and Beyond, our favorites of 2018, and most anticipated of 2019. I loved that we were able to add in personal touches to the list of prompts while also having ones like the book you’ve had on your TBR the longest and a book that has been or is being adapted into a TV show or movie.

2019 is sure to be lots of fun for my TBR since I have various challenges in place for myself and this list to complete!

Do you participate in year long challenges? If so, which ones do you participate in?

2 thoughts on “TBR and Beyond Yearly Reading Challenge – Slytherin

  1. Sounds like a good challenge. I’m bad at the challenges because I’m kind of a mood reader and it doesn’t always go well while reading off a list, but it is a goal in the future to try a Sugar Pop Challenge.


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