Slytherin Review – Love Scene, Take Two


34499240Title: Love Scene, Take Two
Author: Alex Evansley
Pages: 368
Publication Date: July 12, 2018
Genre: Contemporary
Rating: 3/5

Synopsis: Teddy Sharpe is kind of famous. He might actually be on his way to being really famous, especially if he’d nailed an audition for the lead role in the movie adaption of the newest bestselling young adult book series. There’s just one problem: He totally blew the audition. And he’s stuck in a tiny North Carolina airport. And his maybe-ex-girlfriend kind of just broke up with him.

The weekend isn’t exactly looking good until Bennett Caldwell, author of the very book series he just auditioned for, takes pity on him and invites him to her family’s lake house. Away from the glitz and glam of Hollywood for a few days, Teddy starts to relax . . . and somehow he and Bennett just click. But dating is hard enough when you aren’t the subject of several dozen fanblogs, and the Internet is full of juicy gossip about Teddy and Bennett . . . gossip that Bennett might not be prepared to handle.

As someone who loves contemporary stories and even more so loves ones with a celebrity relationship, I went into this story with some high hope that I was going to adore it. While I enjoyed parts of it, others left me with a creepy feeling or very annoyed with the characters.

Love Scene, Take Two is told in both Teddy and Bennett’s point of view, but instead of how I’m typically used to this being done (chapters going back and forth between the characters throughout the story), this story has it set up so that about the first half is told in Teddy’s point of view and then the second half in Bennett’s. I’m not sure if this worked out well for me. There were times in each half that I really wanted an insight into how the other main character was feeling and their thoughts on things and I didn’t have that.

This story had me rolling my eyes so much throughout it. The plot of the entire story happens because of a few things:

  1. Teddy randomly starts talking to a random girl while on the plane.
  2. Inclement weather gets his flight to Miami canceled and he’s stranded.
  3. Random girl offers him a ride and then while driving him to a hotel, then offers for him to stay the night at her house.
  4. This random girl’s family immediately loves him and invites him to stay for entire weekend after he randomly shows up.

The whole set up to the “main plot” of the story just didn’t feel completely believable to me and was the start of the trouble with the book for me. I mostly kept reading because I really don’t like to not finish books and I was hoping it would have a promising ending.

I really didn’t like either of the main characters and didn’t really care for their romance either. I wasn’t rooting for them or anything like that. Their whole relationship hinges on this failing to communicate. Even after they reunite and you think it’s going to work out for them, one of them blows up on the other out of nowhere and you realize that nothing has changed at all.

As for the side characters, I liked some and didn’t like others. I could have done without the mean girl plot with Bennett’s cousin, Liz. It lacked some depth in my opinion and while mean girls exist, I feel like while it added the drama to the story, the character lacked depth and it felt weak to me. I also couldn’t get behind the ending between Liv and Bennett. Instead of Bennett standing up to Liv, it’s Olivia, the lead actress for the movie who becomes friends with Bennett. In my opinion, having someone else deliver the speech really undercuts the emotional arc.

Overall, Love Scene, Take Two was okay for me. It wasn’t an absolute favorite, but I would consider reading more from the author in the future to see how her writing grows.

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