Slytherin Wrap Up – January 2019

51813415_2615042091869619_5279215367489585152_nIt’s the end of January and time for my first wrap up of 2019! For this month, I had a TBR of eleven books along with a list of seven ARCs I wanted to get to this month. In total, I read thirty books in January! I had an excellent month of reading between the 1st and 25th and then took a break and only read a couple books after that.

Of the thirty books I read this month, sixteen were part of a series, nine were standalones, and five were ARCs. Seven of the books I read this month were rereads, while the other twenty-three were not. For authors, I read one book by a male author, three by a duo of authors, and twenty-six by female authors.

For format of the books I read, twenty-one of them were physical books, four were ebooks, and five were ARCs. Of the five arcs, one was a physical ARC and the other four were eARCs.

In January, I read mostly young adult books with a couple middle grade, adult, and new adult.

Children’s Middle Grade YA New Adult Adult
0 2 25 1 2

In regards to genres, I read:

  • 11 Contemporaries or 36.7%
  • 1 Dystopian or 3.3%
  • 11 Fantasies or 36.7%
  • 1 Paranormal or 3.3.%
  • 2 Romances or 6.7%
  • 4 Sci-fi or 13.3%

Most of the books this month were four star reads for me. I had a few five stars throughout the month as well. My star ratings for the month were:

1 Star 1.5 Stars 2 Stars 2.5 Stars 3 Stars 3.5 Stars 4 Stars 4.5 Stars 5 Stars
0 0 1 0 8 3 14 0 4

I read all five of the books that Stephanie picked out for me to read in January as well as the three books from my Lowest Rated Books I Own list that I pulled at the beginning of the month. I also completed all the criteria for Reading Rivalry and completed my rolls for the TBR and Beyond board game that ran through January.

  1. The Assassin’s Blade
  2. Just Friends
  3. Just for Clicks
  4. Everless
  5. Seven Days of You
  6. A Curse So Dark and Lonely
  7. Lifel1k3
  8. The Lost Sisters
  9. When It Happens
  10. Illuminae
  11. Ogre Enchanted
  12. The Boyfriend Bracket
  13. Love Scene, Take Two
  14. Only a Breath Apart
  15. Catching Stars
  16. Descendant of the Crane
  17. Avalon High
  18. Kings of Rittenhouse
  19. Ace of Shades
  20. The Disasters
  21. Gemina
  22. Piece of Work
  23. The Hate U Give
  24. Gilded Wolves
  25. Love Me, Love Me Not
  26. Obsidio
  27. The Diviners
  28. Comics Will Break Your Heart
  29. #Starstruck
  30. The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club

My absolute favorite book I read this month is definitely A Curse So Dark and Lonely. Close behind that one is Only a Breath Apart and Lifel1k3.

What did you read this month? Did you meet the goals you set for yourself for this month?


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