Slytherclaw’s Current Reads

51649244_327694264507503_8757038137261162496_n.jpgIt’s that time of the week again to take a look at what we’re currently reading!

Felicia’s Current Reads

40233866A Girl Like Her

I’m currently participating in the February buddy read of A Girl Like Her for the Dragons and Tea Book Club. This is a Goodreads group that is run by the amazing Melanie at meltotheany and Amy at A Court of Crowns and Quills. This is my first month participating in the buddy read, but I’m really enjoying the book and can’t wait to participate in more.

A Girl Like Her is amazing so far! I’ve currently only read up to chapter 15 in the book, but both days so far, I’ve had to force myself to stop reading to stay along with others. It’s so good and I definitely think I’ll have to check out more books by Talia Hibbert.

28512629Diplomatic Immunity

I don’t really know much about this story as I’ve just started it, but it’s one of my lowest rated books I own and I really hope I enjoy it. From the synopsis, it seems like it could possibly deal with politics and scandals.

It seems like this could possibly be a good story so I’m holding out hope that I like it more than the three lowest rated books I read in January.

35105833The Girl King

The Girl King is one of the TBR and Beyond group reads for February. Like Diplomatic Immunity, I don’t know much about it since I’ve just started it, but I do expect this will be a slower book for me than other fantasies.

Several of my friends have loved this book so I’m really hoping I do as well. From what they’ve told me it’s full of politics and betrayal. I absolutely love the cover and it sounds like one I could either love or hate.

Stephanie’s Current Reads

Image result for beauty queens libba brayBeauty Queens

Beauty Queen by Libba Bray is a satirical novel about a bunch of pageant girls who’s flight wrecks, and they get stranded on a desert island. They’re fighting for survival, and still training for a pageant that may never come!

I’ve been listening to the audiobook for this, and it’s hilarious! I normally don’t enjoy audiobooks that are read by the author, because they’re not trained in voice acting…but this one so far is absolutely stunning! It’s perfectly narrated, and wonderfully done! This is the fourth Libba Bray novel I’ve read, but since the first three were part of a series, this is really just my second look at her writing, and so far I’m not disappointed!

Image result for dark of the west joanna hathawayDark of The West

Dark of the West by Joanna Hathaway is a war-torn fantasy novel! It follows two main characters, Aurelia – a queen’s daughter, and Athan – general’s son. When their respective countries start fighting against one another, are they enough to stem the tide and keep both of their people’s from obliterating each other?

Not going to lie, this book has been a slow start for me, but I’ve really been enjoying the characters and the world building that I’ve seen so far. I’m definitely interested in how this book is going to play out. I’m already invested in the relationships between some of the characters that I’ve seen so far!

Image result for the disasters mk englandThe Disasters

The Disasters by M.K. England deals with space terrorists, and if that doesn’t sound exciting, then I don’t know what does. Nax is about to be shipped back to earth following a incident where he was kicked out of Ellis Station Academy, however, that trip is cut short when the academy is attacked, the most likely suspect is Nax himself. Can Nax prove that he and his friends are innocent? Can he earn back his spot in the Academy?

This book has been described to me as “The Breakfast Club in space” and honestly, I can definitely see it. Nax and his friends compose a rag-tag group of students that could rival those seen in the ’80s classic. I’m really glad that I picked this one up from the library, and I’m really excited to see how everything turns out!

What are you currently reading? Have you read any of our current reads?
Felicia and Stephanie

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