Slytherin TBR – June 2019


It’s almost halfway through 2019! That seems so crazy to think, but I’m so excited for this month and all the books I hope to read. May wasn’t the best month for me between end of the school year activities for my oldest child and other types of craziness. My reading during May lacked a lot to be desired and I didn’t read a lot of books that I absolutely loved. I have high hopes for June that it will be totally different.

Like all the previous months, I’ll be participating in the group reads as well as the game in TBR and Beyond and helping on a team for Reading Rivalry. Also this month, I’m participating on Team Anti-Hero for the Biblio Games.

For TBR and Beyond, the three group reads are Killing November by Adriana Mather, We Set the Dark on Fire by Tehlor Kay Mejia, and The Mighty Heart of Sunny St. James by Ashley Herring Blake. The game this month is a Read with Pride word search that includes fifteen words that revolve around the LGBTQIA+ community.

For June, Reading Rivalry has probably my favorite theme that they’ve ever done. The theme for this month is Rainbow Rowell and each team is a different book by her. The team I’m on is Fangirl, which is hands down my favorite Rainbow Rowell book.

The criteria for this month is:

  1.  Author Highlight (Stephen King, Sarah J Maas, Rainbow Rowell, Taylor Jenkins Reid)
  2. Book involving a video game, gamer, or virtual reality
  3. Deceptive Cover (book cover doesn’t match the synopsis)
  4. Book Involving Vikings
  5. Read a book that features a trope in a Rainbow Rowell Book
  6. Author who has the same first and last initial
  7. Book Featuring a rainbow/all the colors of the rainbow on the cover
  8. Book Featuring a Road Trip
  9. Contemporary/Coming of Age
  10. Book that features a drink on the cover

Biblio Games is something I decided to do on a whim right near the end of May. The theme this time is Sky High and after taking the quiz that was linked to take, I decided to be on Team Anti-Hero. For the Biblio Games, you’re taking classes at Sky High. Every one has the same core classes and then each team has their own classes that go along with their team.

For me, these classes will be:

Main Classes
Homeroom – Group Book
Gym – format you don’t typically read
Lunch – a book with a satisfying ending

Anti-Hero Classes
Alter Ego – have someone from a different team pick your book
Moral Ambiguity – trashy ya book
Witty Banter 101 – a book with comedy

While I haven’t fully decided on my books for the Biblio Games, I do have an extensive list of books that I hope to read in June. Those include:

  • Killing November
  • The Mighty Heart of Sunny St. James
  • We Set the Dark on Fire
  • Red, White, and Royal Blue
  • Sky in the Deep
  • Sometime After Midnight
  • The Cerulean
  • Hot Dog Girl
  • The Geography of Lost Things
  • You’d Be Mine
  • Storm and Fury
  • Hearts Made for Breaking
  • Wilder Girls
  • If It Makes You Happy
  • Tell Me How You Really Feel
  • The Merciful Crow
  • Risking It All
  • Something I’m Good At
  • Hart & Seoul
  • Beau and Bett

What’s on your TBR for June?

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