Ravenclaw – Musical Book Tag

It’s been a while since I’ve done a book tag, so I wanted to jump back on this train with one of my favorite subjects – musicals! I’m a theater major, and I love finding the places where theater and books overlap. I wasn’t able to find the originator of this tag, but the farthest back I’ve traced it to is vivalabooklife! So let’s get started!

Wicked: favorite fictional friendship


I really love Cath and Reagan in Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. Their relationship is so unique, but they just get each other! They balance each other out really nicely!

Sweeney Todd: favorite villain


The Darkling. Hands down. He’s so enigmatic and beautiful. I find his character so interesting, but weirdly lovable!

Phantom of the Opera: favorite love triangle


I’ve always found that I enjoy the Katniss & Peeta/Gale triangle. I thought that both couples went through so much that it added a really interesting element to the series. I also enjoyed that unlike other love-triangles I’ve read, her choice was made for her because one of the members just opted out of that narrative. I’ve always found that to be a refreshing element to the storyline.

The Lion King: favorite sidekick

I think he would be offended for being called a sidekick, but definitely Cassian from the ACOTAR series (specifically books 2 and 3 – he did not appear in book 1). His character is so badass, but also lighthearted and full of humor. Definitely one of my favorites overall

Grease: least favorite ending

The Sun Is Also A Star. I…really hated the ending. I don’t like it when unrealistic things happen in novels, and this one just took the cake when it comes to having an ending that is so preposterous and inconceivable. I couldn’t stand it.

Matilda: favorite book movie adaptation

PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER!! I will fight anyone who says that there is a better film adaptation of any book ever. It is spot on wonderful and I won’t hear anything else on the subject.

Les Miserables: favorite fictional death *spoiler alert*

This is tough. I think the most satisfying death I’ve read was Amarantha in ACOTAR. As much as I absolutely hate Tamlin, seeing him rip into her was a little kernel of life (see what I did there?)

Well I hope you guys liked my book tag! Tell me in the comments what your favorite musical is, and what you’d choose for these tags!

Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Ravenclaw – Musical Book Tag

  1. Favorite musical- well, I do have a two-way- tie. Since 2006, Wicked was my favorite musical, and I believed nothing could come close or be just as good. Boy, I was wrong.

    Now, it is a Les Mis/Wicked tie.


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