Ravenclaw TBR- October 2019

Hey guys! I’m really excited for my October reading – August and September had me in a slump all month, and I just couldn’t seem to break out of it! But now, we’re barely into October and I’ve already got several books started, and I’m really enjoying them so far (thanks Jay Kristoff!)

Once again, I am competing in Reading Rivalry, so my TBR has been crafted to fit those prompts! The theme this month is Halloween – Movies vs. Characters, and I’m heading up the team for my all time favorite Halloween movie: Rocky Horror Picture Show! Reading Rivalry also has a bonus this month where if all of your books read for criteria are spooky/fall/halloween themed, you get a bonus, so get ready for lots of suspense, witches, and monsters on this TBR!

I’m also going to be doing the TBR and Beyond Escape Room Challenge, so I’ve got TBR’s for both!

Starting with Reading Rivalry, I’ve got:
1) Author Highlight (Ruth Ware, Colleen Hoover, RL Stine): The Death of Mrs. Westaway
2) A Spooky Book: Serpent & Dove
3) Book With An October Release Date: The Furies
4) Book With An Illustrated Cover: Dark Lord Clementine
5) Book Featuring A Monster: Mooncakes
6) A Suspenseful Book: Wilder Girls
7) Book Featuring a Killer: Darkdawn
8) A Sequel: Godsgrave
9) A Book With Aliens: Aurora Rising
10) Mood Read: Nevernight

My TBR and Beyond books are very similar, but I do have a couple books on here that are different. The main thing about this one is that these books have to be read in order!
1) Nightmares: Aurora Rising (kindof a weird fit, but I personally am terrified of aliens, specifically those that are robots, technologically advanced, or really anything that has to do with something resembling AI)
2)Pirate Chest/Royalty: Darkdawn
3) Creepy: Wildergirls
4) Muder: Edgar Allen Poe Short Stories
5) Creature: Mooncakes
6) Witch: The Furies
7) Magic: Serpent & Dove
8) Spooky: The Death of Mrs. Westaway
9) Cursed: Dark Lord Clementine
10) Vampire: Buffy The Vampire Slayer vol. 1

I’m really excited for this month since a lot of these are ARCs and most are from genres that I don’t usually read, so I’m definitely broadening my horizons this month!

What’s on your TBR?

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