Goodbye to Slytherin TBRs (for now at least)

I’ve recently come to terms with my personal feelings towards TBRs. While I love seeing what others plan to read each month, I’ve found that I’m not enjoying making a TBR for myself. There are of course books that I hope to read each month and group reads I participate in, but I’ve been feeling a little too pressured lately. I’ve been feeling like I have to make a list of books each month and only read those. Personally I haven’t been loving that feeling so for at least the rest of this year, but possibly longer, TBRs from me won’t be happening. I’m not sure if something else will come to be in place of TBRs, but you’ll definitely be able to find reviews on books I’ve read as well as tags that Stephanie and I do and possibly more!

Happy reading,

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