Mind If I Slytherin? #2

I’ve been on a serious romance read binge and that means I’m back for more romance reviews. This week, I’ve got four books by four different authors and some very differing views on each of the books.

47804360._SY475_Reining Her In by Katie Ashley

Synopsis: The last time I saw Declan St. James was at our rehearsal dinner. That was shortly before he jilted me at the altar. To avoid the swarm of whispers and finger pointing every time I dared to show my face in public, I fled two hours south to Atlanta and never looked back. Over the last decade, I’d planned hundreds of scenarios about how our next meeting would go down. The expletives I’d hurl at him. Which knee I might use to annihilate his balls. Which dimpled cheek on his ridiculously handsome face I would send a stinging slap across.

But being elbow deep in a cow’s ass was not one of them.

Normally, I didn’t get up close and personal to a bovine’s rectum. At least not since veterinarian school. But desperate times found me back home to attend my grandfather’s funeral, who happened to be the town’s large animal vet. Those two facts had left me wading through manure in Roy Wallace’s pasture to care for a distressed heifer.

While time and maturity seemed to have changed him from the boy I knew, I still wasn’t falling for his charm. Or his hard, chiseled body. Or ass you could eat dinner off of.

No, I wasn’t going back down that street again. Unfortunately, Declan didn’t seem to get the message. Instead, he seemed as stubborn as he ever was and ready for a fight. It’ll be the fight of his life for me to let him back in my heart.

Review: Reining Her In is a standalone, second chance romance between high school sweethearts. There is a lot of animosity and hurt feelings after everything that happens on their would be wedding day a decade ago. I will be honest and say that this isn’t a favorite of mine. Situations and choices felt very convenient and not realistic at times. It was somewhat enjoyable, but I don’t see myself rereading the book in the future. This story gets a 2.5/5 for me, but rounded up to a 3 on Goodreads.

46822330._SY475_Unforgettable by S.B. Alexander

Synopsis: He’s a football god.
She’s the daughter of a Texas senator.
Their chemistry is like oil and water.

My name is Ryker James. I hate when people tell me what to do. I’m cocky, ornery, and I take things when I want them. Caring isn’t in my vocabulary unless it’s related to football or my family, and I just lost my entire family in a blink of an eye.

Now all I have is football. The problem is the misery, the drinking, and the parties have more appeal to me. But Lakemont University wants that championship. Fans want to see wins on the scoreboard, and my teammates salivate to crush our opponents every game. Yet the only pass I might be throwing is at the auburn-haired girl who waltzes into my life.

She’s fire. I’m ice. A combination that doesn’t work.

So let the games begin.

My name is Haven Hale, and I’ve been tucked away in a boarding school most of my life. Now I’m a big-time college girl, and all I see is freedom in front of me. But first, I have to agree to my father’s demands—no media attention and no sororities. If I can follow those two edicts, then college life should be a breeze.

Until one close encounter with Ryker James, and Father Dearest has changed the game. Stay away from the big, bad quarterback, or face my father’s wrath. There’s only one problem. I can’t help who I’m attracted to.

And Ryker James is a magnet, built to attract any female, constructed to make any girl’s heart sputter, and my heart is beating off the charts.

But it’s time to choose between the devil I know and the one I don’t.

Review: Unforgettable was honestly a much harder read than I imagined it would be. This is a book that has a main plot point of the male main character is dealing with losing his entire family and his grief. This story also deals a lot with politics as well as blackmailing. Besides one particular family, I really enjoyed all the side characters and would love to read a story based on them! I would definitely sum this book up in just a few words: steamy, dramatic, suspenseful, and surprising. A definite 4/5 star book for me.

43717800._SY475_A Brit on the Side by Brenda St. John Brown

Synopsis: I probably should have declined my bestie’s invitation to spend the summer in England working at her family’s castle-turned-hotel. But, dammit, it was either that or teach summer school math. Two doors down from my ex.

Obvious choice, right?

Except now I’m living within kissing distance of Jasper for the entire summer, and he’s just as sweet and sexy as I remember. Unfortunately, I also remember he gave me the best orgasm of my life in short-term parking. And on the desk chair. Then the kitchen counter. Judging by the way he kisses me, he remembers too.

Clearly, the best solution is:
a)Avoid him at all costs.
b) Sneak into Jasper’s room and bring a little Atlanta heat to the UK.
c) Fall for him. Hard.

I’m not going to choose C. Almost definitely.

Review: A Brit on the Side is the first book in the Castle Calder series. While I would probably read them in order, I did see where it says the books can be read in any order. I’m not for sure if I will actually continue the series, but I did enjoy my time reading this one. It’s a pretty easy going book for the most part. There is some angst and a little drama, but overall an easy going story. There’s also lots of banter and flirting which I just loved. I think I really would have loved this to be a dual perspective story. The entire story, we are in Bea’s head and I would have loved to get chapters from Jasper’s perspective. He’s a really interesting character and I would have loved to been able to be in his head to understand some of his motives more. A Brit on the Side gets 3/5 stars from me.

43199817._SY475_Take My Heart by Lisa Suzanne

Synopsis: When my manager pushes me into starring on Take My Heart, a new celebrity dating show, I think she’s crazy. Then she shows me the bottom line. Between the money and the exposure for my band, I can’t turn it down… even though the last thing I want to find is love.

I promised the guys nothing would change, yet everything has, including the feelings I have for the one girl who is off-limits.

How can I give my heart when it’s already taken?

Review: While Take My Heart is a standalone novel, I definitely consider it part of the over arching story arc that begins with A Little Like Destiny. During the story, there are interactions between the main characters of this story and the members of VAIL that are first met in A Little Like Destiny. If reading these stories in the suggested reading order, the author suggests reading after the Truth and Lies duology and Not Just Another Romance Novel. While this hasn’t been my favorite story from Lisa Suzanne, I didn’t overall dislike it. I wasn’t a huge fan of the whole TV show concept. As that is the main part of the majority of the story, it brought down the book a little for me. I think I wanted more of the band interactions and about them playing and not the TV show. I found parts of the story to be cringey and unrealistic as well. I don’t think this is one of Lisa Suzanne’s books that I would go out of my way to reread. It was entertaining, but not my favorite. This one gets a 3/5 stars from me.

Happy reading!

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