Ravenclaw Tag – The Shakespeare Book Tag

If you know me, you know how much I absolutely adore all things theater, and that includes my darling Willy Shakes. Okay, that was stupid, I apologize (not really!). But really, I have a huge love/hate relationship with William Shakespeare – I love to hate him, and I just love him overall. So when I stumbled across this book tag over on The Terror of Knowing, I knew I just HAD to do it! It was originated by rosiefrecklereads, and I highly recommend that you go and check her out! So here we go!

1. Much Ado About Nothing

 Your favorite bickering couple whom everyone knows really care about each other (can be romantic relationship or friendship)

Aelin and Rowan from Throne of Glass! I just love this couple so much, and I adore their banter. They definitely start out at the bickering stage, but as they grow to love each other more, it settles into a happy banter that just makes me happy to read, I guess. They’re adorable and perfect – you can’t change my mind!

2. Measure for Measure

 A book whose plot or genre is really hard to explain to other people

I have to say American Gods for this one. I really like the book, and I can easily tell you it’s subject matter, and while I know that it had a plot and I followed along with the storyline while reading it…I can’t explain it (Which, honestly, is true of every Neil Gaiman book I’ve read). There’s a guy named Shadow Moon, and there are gods, but not all of them are ones you recognize because some are new? And the new and old ones battle, and Shadow is important for some reason? That’s all I got. It’s a really good book, and I highly recommend the audio, but don’t ask me to explain the plot, I just might die from it.

3. A Midsummer Night’s Dream

 Your favorite book featuring fairies or elves

It’s hard not to choose Midsummer for this one since I just finished performing this play in May, and I absolutely adore it. But aside from that one, I’d have to go with A Court of Thorns and Roses. We all know that Rhysand is one of my favorite characters that’s ever been written, and while the series has its faults, I will reread ACOMAF any day of the week.

4. Hamlet

 An underutilized female character (spoilers!!)

Aech from Ready Player One. Because her character’s avatar was male, and we didn’t find out that she was actually a female until the END made me so mad! I thought that Aech was this really great badass character, and it would be great to be able to see that as a woman, but I felt like a lot of her agency and badassery was taken away because she was marketed as, and pretending to be, a man for 99% of the book. Ernest Cline could have done so much better by her, and I’m legit so mad about it. I live for badass women and I think that Aech could have been absolutely EPIC.

5. The Sonnets

Choose your favorite poem

I’ve got a couple of favorite poems, so this is a really hard question for me. I really like Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe. It’s really beautiful in it’s lyrical story telling, and the love story between the narrator and Annabel is just heartbreaking and beautiful. I also adore Still I Rise by Maya Angelou. It’s beautiful, it’s strong, it’s empowering, it’s alive, it’s evocative…I could go on, but I’m getting repetitive. Both of these are absolutely stunning in their own way, and I can’t choose between them.

6. Richard III

 A protagonist willing to do anything to get what they want

I have to go with Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows for this one. He’s so driven, and a lot of that comes from desperation, but at the end of the day, he knows what he needs to do, and he does it. I really commend him for that. I also just really adore these books, and these characters.

7. Antony and Cleopatra

 Your favorite trope/bookish buzzword/historical figure/etc. for which you still haven’t found that perfect book

I haven’t found a really great YA feminism book yet, and I’m really upset about it. I am all about empowering and inspiring women, but I just haven’t been able to find that one book that just clicks with me. If you know of a kick-ass feminism book that I need to check out, please let me know! I’m desperate for a really good, strong female protagonist, who 100% stands up against the patriarchy.

8. Titus Andronicus

A lesser-known work by a popular author, one which you want more people to read

Paper Towns by John Green. I know that it has a movie and whatnot, but I feel like so many people have only read The Fault In Our Stars and while it’s a great book, I think his other works are a lot more relatable to the average every-day reader. While Paper Towns is by far my favorite, his others are really great too (though they’ll all leave you emotionally compromised).

9. King Lear

A complex female villain or antihero

This is really tough because there aren’t very many of them and that’s really sad. I guess I have to go with the popular vote and say Amy Dunne from Gone Girl. Man she’s crazy, but I absolutely love her all the same. She gets in your head and messes with you all the way through the book. I desperately want more characters like her, preferably ones that are written by women. I think that that’s why I really love Amy – she’s interestingly and delightfully psychotic. When I look at characters like Cersei from Game of Thrones, she’s interesting and compelling, but has so many flaws that just…weaken her desperately. I love Amy because she thinks and acts like a woman, Cersei thinks like how a man thinks a woman thinks.

However, there are a ton of really great female villains in comic books – I absolutely adore Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Mystique, and Talia al Ghul (all depending upon the series though – some are better than others in their representation of these characters, which is why it’s hard for me to give definitive answers on these lovely ladies)

10. The Taming of the Shrew

Choose two polarizing books, one you loved and one you hated

I absolutely love the Grisha-verse books by Leigh Bardugo. I really enjoy the Russian inspiration for these, and I adore all of her characters and world building. I can’t recommend these books enough, and I absolutely CANNOT WAIT for the Netflix show!

In contrast, I will rant to literal strangers about how much I hated Vassa In The Night. This one is yet another Russian inspired book, but instead of adoring the world building, I found it bland, boring, and as never-ending as the endless nights described in the book. It was directly based on a Russian myth, and while the myth is really weird, is’s incredibly interesting. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Vassa. 0/10 please do not read. Spare yourself the trouble.

11. “Give me your hands, if we be friends”

Tag some people!

I really don’t like the expectations that are placed on people when they’re tagged, so I don’t like to do it. So instead, if you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged! I’d love to see your answers, and if you agree with me on any of these, let me know below!

Happy reading!

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