Romanceopoly 2020 – First Quarter Rolls

I’m so excited to be participating in Romanceopoly this year! I learned of it midway through 2019 and felt like I learned of it too late in the year to join in so I waited patiently to see if it would happen again. I’m so glad it is and there are technically two boards this year since there are two packs of prompts. As I’m typically an overachiever, I’m going to attempt to complete both the sun and moon prompts. There could be times that I choose to use the same book for a prompt on both boards, but I do think I’m going to try to limit that as much as possible.

I’ve decided to roll to decide which prompts I read and have also decided to roll quarterly instead of monthly. For this quarter, I rolled ten times to figure out the ten spaces I would be reading for.

  1. 5 -> Winter
    • Read a book where it: Has a white, blue and or silver cover; has snow on the cover; has a winter word in the title; is a winter holiday read; all/any combo of the above!
  2. 8 -> The Cobbles
    • Sun: Read a historical romance where the title is longer than 5 words
    • Moon: Read a historical romance NOT set in London
  3. 10 -> Rainbow Row
    • Sun: Read a F-F romance
    • Moon: Read a M-M romance
  4. 11 -> Beau Boulevard
    • Sun: Read a young adult by a new to you author
    • Moon:  Read a young adult novel considered a classic
  5. 9 -> Killer Crescent
    • Sun: Read a thriller where the main character is a detective or PI
    • Moon: Read a thriller where there’s a serial killer on the loose
  6. 3 -> Flirts Corner
    • Sun: Read a contemporary romance with a nerdy hero or heroine
    • Moon: Read a contemporary romance with mature characters (40+)
  7. 6 -> Burger Joint
    • Sun: Read a book on our book boyfriend list.
    • Moon: Read a book on our book girlfriend list.
  8. 7 -> The Vault
    • Sun: Read a PNR where the author is new to you in this genre
    • Moon: Read the PNR that has been on your TBR for the longest. If you don’t have any PNR on your TBR, pick a book from any of our PNR recommendations list
  9. 7 -> Action Avenue
    • Sun: Read an urban fantasy with a dark cover
    • Moon: Read an urban fantasy with a kick ass heroine on the cover 
  10. 7 -> Library
    • Free choice. Read ANY book you want!

I’m really excited to possibly get outside of my comfort zone and see if I can find some new favorites in genres I typically wouldn’t read from.

Are you participating in Romanceopoly this year? If so, how have you decided to go around the board?

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