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Hey everybody! If you know me, you know how obsessed I am with the show Schitt’s Creek! If you’re a fan, you know that this is the last season, and tonight is the series finale for the show. I’m wildly behind as I can only watch it on Netflix (so no spoilers in the comments pretty please!) but in honor of the end of this AMAZING show, I found this book tag on Youtube (you can find it here for Pages and Pens, and here for Aimee Reads, I included both links as they co-created the tag!), and I thought it would be PERFECT to post today! So let’s get started!


img_3745Red, White, and Royal Blue

This one was pretty tough for me, because I don’t really tend to read “uplifting” books. I ended up going with one of my personal favorites, because it always makes me smile and gives me all of those warm and fuzzy feelings. It’s also pretty uplifting and has a great message, even if it’s really nothing like Johnny Rose. You can read mine and Felicia’s full review on it here! (Spoiler Alert! We both loved it!)

giphyMagnus Bane

Even if you haven’t watched Schitt’s Creek, or read any Cassie Clare books, trust me wholeheartedly, when I say that Moira and Magnus are 100% kindred spirits. I adore both of them and their over-the-top, extravagant asses would be the best of friends, and you can quote me on that.

img_3743City of Girls

Not only does David match my aesthetic, so does City of Girls. You can read my full review on it here, but it’s glitzy and glamorous, and down-to-earth all at the same time and I adore it and David Rose!

giphy-downsized-largeAlex Stern

Alex goes through a lot in Ninth House, but she grows so much as the book progresses. I just finished this wonderful read, and I’ll probably write up a review on it soon, so keep an eye out for that! But without giving spoilers, I can say that Galaxy Stern grows by leaps and bounds throughout this book and I can’t wait to see where she ends up in the next book!

img_3740Six of Crows

I’ve got to say that my favorite ride or die group is the heist group in both Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom. I would literally trust them (and Stevie) with my life.


Not going to lie, I’m kindof sad that this is the prompt for my beloved Ted. He deserves recognition for his stellar personality and magnificent puns. That being said, his love of animals is only dwarfed by his love of Alexis, so I went with Nevernight for this criteria, and it has a beautiful crow on the cover (shout out to all of my Schitt’s Creek fans who understand why the crows are on brand here)

img_3738John Ambrose McLaren

I have to say John just because I can’t say Patrick himself because Patrick is, sincerely, the sweetest and most wholesome character ever. While I am 100% team Peter K for Lara Jean, for me, it’s sweet, considerate, smart, kind, chivalrous John Ambrose who holds my heart.



I’m not personally a fan of classics, or of Jane Austen’s writing style, but this book shocked me. I think it was because I adore the movie Clueless, so as I was reading it, I was able to associate it with the film. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed it.

img_3736Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

I deal with a lot of social anxiety, and depending on the book/film/etc. I will get second-hand anxiety from characters who can’t read the room or who do something vastly outside of what I would expect to be the social norms or expectations. This book deal with a lot of mental health issues, but I had so much anxiety reading about Eleanor’s actions that I could not finish it. I hate putting it under the “Ew, David” prompt because it wasn’t gross content, it was just not something I could personally handle.


img_3735Percy Jackson: The Last Olympian

I love how this series ends.  It doesn’t really feel like the series ended per-say since it has so many spin off novels, however, the ending of this series is pretty stellar. We get a lot of character growth for Percy, but we also get justice for all of the demigods fighting in this war, not just the winning side, and that’s the best ending I could ever think of.



img_3734The Raven Cycle/Maggie Stiefvater

I can’t really say that I’ve broken up with Maggie because I keep reading her books, but I’ve determined that I really don’t mesh well with her writing style. That being said, I did DNF the Raven Cycle saga because I just couldn’t get through it. It’s sad because the concept seems so interesting to me, but I can’t get behind her characters or her writing style. Here’s hoping I find a Maggie book I like!


sourceNicola Yoon books are AMAZING

I’ve read both Everything, Everything and The Sun Is Also A Star and I can honestly say that….I really don’t see the appeal or hype in these books. I think that they’re too happy, too hopeful, and too coincidental. I don’t appreciate that every little thing is tied to something else, and that everything gets wrapped up with a nice little bow completely serendipitously. I really don’t see the hype and the love that everyone has for these two books, and I don’t think I ever will…sorry not sorry.


Since you made it this far, I’m assuming you’re a Schitt’s Creek fan, so I’m tagging YOU to do this tag and let me know your answers! Feel free to use my graphics, just tag me on your post so I can see them!

Happy reading!

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