Stephanie’s August TBR!

It’s so weird to think that July is over, and it’s the first day of August. Where did the summer go? Last time I blinked, I swear it was May, and now we’re once again in back-to-school season. How does that happen?

My August TBR was…interesting trying to put it together – since I’m moving, most of my books are in boxes for the next three months, so I’ve had to be strategic and keep out the books that I for sure want to read in the coming months, so here’s hoping I was successful in that, and that I won’t regret my choices in the coming months!

I’m once again participating in Reading Rivalry, and the theme this month is Battle of the Fandoms! So many old school fandoms are being revived with movies, tv shows, new books, and spin off series! We just had to make a month to honor our OG faves!

Of course, no surprise here, but I will be competing for Team Percy Jackson! I’m a child of Apollo, and I wear that title with pride! So here is my TBR for the month!

Before you all come at me for the fact that Havenfall has images on the cover….well, I will be reading the E-Arc that has a words-only temporary cover, so it still counts!

I’m really excited to be diving into my TBR for August, since they’re all books that I’ve been wanting to read for a while, but felt guilty for not touching the other books on my shelf. Funny what happens when you have to prioritize the things that you ACTUALLY want to read…who would have thought?

What are you reading in August? Are we reading any of the same things?

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